Starting March 23, 2020, all groups are held online via Zoom until further notice by the State. For current clients, payments must be made online before your scheduled group. 

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 For more details, New clients can call 


Current Dallas client's call 682-716-3951 or email ([email protected])

Current Houston client's call 

832-946-2556 or email([email protected]

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What services do we offer?

BIPP-Orientation/ Intake

Dallas Office $60.00

Houston Office $65.00

Dallas $25.00 / Each

Houston $30.00 / Each

Separate Men and 

Women Classes

Monthly reports are sent out every month.

DWI- Repeat Offenders Program /DWI Education

The Texas DWI Education Program for first offenders is a four hour class over the course of three days with a cost of $100 per participant. 

DWI Repeat Offenders Program Class sign up is $300 – $100 reserves your spot and the remainder balance is due the first day of class. Repeat Offenders Program is a 15 session class over 7.5 weeks. 

Anger Management

The purpose of this class is to teach individuals cognitive -behavioral and

problem-solving skills designed with the goal of helping clients manage their anger and respond to problematic situations more effectively. Requires a minimum of 12 group hours no more than 1 group hour per week.

Monthly reports are sent out every month.

Parenting class

Parenting Classes are educational courses that teach parents general parenting skills, and help them develop and maintain positive relationships with their children.

Anti-Theft Class

The purpose of this class is to deter theft behavior and shoplifting. Misdemeanor courts require 4 hours of instruction and Felony courts require 8 hours of instruction. Call about our Fast Track Course.

Marijuana Intervention

The purpose of the class is to provide low-risk clients with information and motivation to quit using marijuana. The class is not for high risk clients with a diagnosed drug dependency.

  requires a minimum of 12 classroom hours.

Monthly reports are sent out every month.

To verify  a BIPP facility full accreditation please click on this link

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